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Shepherd's Needle
A Stitcher's Haven

Lizzie Kate

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LK #1 Dad S15


LK #1 Mom


LK 3 Little Words Forgive Move On


LK 3 Little Words Set


LK 6 Snow Belles Set


LK A Bit Of April


LK A Bit Of February


LK A Bit Of January


LK A Bit Of March


LK A Bit Of May


LK A Brother


LK A Good Marriage


LK A Little Liberty


LK A Little Love


LK A Little Luck


LK A Little Mystery Set


LK A-B-C-razy


LK ABC Halloween K46


LK Angel Stocking #110


LK At Our House K62


LK Autumn Things


LK Baby, It's Cold Outside


LK Be Bold & Brave


LK Be Silly


LK Bless Our Family


LK Bless The Graduate #S27


LK Blizzard Babe


LK Brew-Monster


LK Carve A Pumpkin/Stay Up Late F106


LK Cat Lessons For People


LK Chick Party #181


LK Christmas Rules Set


LK Dear Santa I've Been Good


LK Do Small Things With Great Love


LK Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle S84


LK Dream/Love Flip It F70


LK Easter Basket


LK Eek Boo Hiss #144


LK F130 Wait 'til Dec. 25! - Jingles


LK Fear Less Hope More


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