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Shepherd's Needle
A Stitcher's Haven

35 count

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Dames of the Needle

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ACLL 35ct Champagne Cork


DON 35ct Aged Suffron Linen


DON 35ct Brun Lapin


RR 32ct Old Mill Java


RR 35 count Abecedarian Blend


RR 35 count Old Mill Java


RR 35ct 18th Century Blackbird


RR 35ct 18th Century Rook


RR 35ct Antique Hydranga


RR 35ct Chamonile Tea


RR 35ct Classic Homspun


RR 35ct Liberty Gathering Gray


RR 35ct Park City Blend


TPH 30ct Boleyn Linen


TPH 35ct Old New England


WDW 35 count Tin Roof


WDW 35ct Angel Hair


WDW 35ct Baby's Breath


WDW 35ct Beige


WDW 35ct Blue Jeans


WDW 35ct Cappuccino


WDW 35ct Cocoa


WDW 35ct Dove


WDW 35ct Havana


WDW 35ct Kudzu


WDW 35ct Linen


WDW 35ct Straw


Weeks Dye Works 35ct Linen 8" x 19"


Weeks Dye Works 35ct Linen 9" x 15"


Weeks Dye Works 35ct Linen 9.5" x 15"


WI 35ct Lambswool


Wichelt Lambswool 35ct 6" x 11.5"