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Shepherd's Needle
A Stitcher's Haven

36 count

Fabric > Linen > 36 count

Dames of the Needle

Hand Dyed Fabric by Stephanie

Lakeside Linen

Picture This Plus

R&R Fabric

Weeks Dye Works




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ACLL 37ct Cloudburst


DON 36ct Colonial Fireworks


DON 36ct Dirty Ewe


DON 36ct Lush Meadow


DON 36ct Prim Grey


HDF 36ct Bewitched


HDF 36ct Carmel Macchiato Edinburgh Linen


HDF 36ct Fathoms Below


HDF 36ct Jamie's Kilt


HDF 36ct Opal Fathoms Below


HDF 36ct Toasted Almond


HDF 36ct Winter Wishes


L 36ct Vintage Flagstone


LS 36ct Attic Lace


LS 36ct Autumn Gold


LS 36ct Basketweave


LS 36ct Butter Pecan


LS 36ct Buttercream


LS 36ct Chantilly Creme


LS 36ct Examplar


LS 36ct Green Slate


LS 36ct Light Examplar


LS 36ct Maple Syrup


LS 36ct Misty Rain


LS 36ct River Willow


LS 36ct Sand Dune


LS 36ct Sienna Night


LS 36ct Tundra


LS 36ct Vintage Autumn Gold


LS 36ct Vintage Bittersweet


LS 36ct Vintage Buttercream


LS 36ct Vintage Cedar Plank


LS 36ct Vintage Chantilly Creme


LS 36ct Vintage Clay Pot


LS 36ct Vintage Examplar


LS 36ct Vintage Flagstone


LS 36ct Vintage French Lilac


LS 36ct Vintage Lentil


LS 36ct Vintage Light Examplar


LS 36ct Vintage Magnolia


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