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Vivilux 2" Round 3x Magnifier

Package includes Connector to LED Craft Light, flexible arm, 2" Round 3x Optical Grade Magnifier, and Handi-Clip®
Our #1 requested add-on - a Magnifier for our LED Sewing & Craft Light
Not just any magnifier -- we have added the features you need as the perfect addition for your craft needs:
- 2" Round Optical Grade 3x Magnifier (most companies only sell 2x magnification) - Flexible arm so the magnifier can be positioned exactly where you need it
- Connector to attach to the ViviLux LED Craft Lifght
- Self-adhesive Hook & Loop Tape so the Magnifier is detachable and can be affixed anywhere
- Handi-Clip® so the magnifier can be clipped on to things like embroidery hoops or books

  • Color: White
  • Use: Craft Lamp
  • Size: 2in viewing area